Ignacio Prado

JavaScript Engineer
Los Angeles, CA

Ignacio Prado Bio Image

Hello, I'm a JavaScript engineer, focused on developing web UIs for distributed systems (currently with a stack of React, Node.js, and their ecosystems). Here's a picture puzzle I recently made (source). I used to be a graduate student in the philosophy of mind, AI, moral psychology, and ethics. Current and former life go together nicely in exploring my recent interest—what humane tech might look like. I soon get to be married to the lovely and talented choreographer and performance artist, Abigail Levine.

In my role as Senior UI Architect at Entertainment Partners, I've developed and am now extending the user-facing components of a new identity and access management system for EP SmartStudio. Those components include a centralized login portal and user administration interface. From working on this project, I've acquired a bit of domain knowledge in OAuth 2.0 and web security.

Prior to joining Entertainment Partners in 2017, I lived in Austin, TX, where I led or co-led initiatives developing a customer acquisition and an ETL application for Clutch Analytics. I attended and was then a Teaching Fellow at the full-stack JavaScript coding school Hack Reactor in 2015, and I worked doing contract web development as half of Gato Gordo Digital Creative, a business I started in 2012 with Bethany Johnson.

In my life before coding, I was a graduate student of Daniel Dennett's in the Tufts Philosophy MA program and was briefly enrolled in the Philosophy PhD program at UT Austin. I got my undergraduate degree in Comparative Religion at Harvard, foucsing on Buddhism and philosophy of religion in the Modern West.